It takes a measure of boldness to tackle the poetics of Jewelry Design. The medium, amply buttressed in its conservative position among the arts, exacts conditional readings, the unique look as loyal adherent to modemism and fashion trends. Franco Arman’s newest jewelry collection leads to a poetic path where every step sets off a cloud of diamond’s stardust emanating from Franco Arman’s work.

“Beyond traditional jewelry function, I create work that wants to be touched and experienced in an active, physical relationship with the body, rather than passive, non-intruding jewelry work, my objects invite the wearer-and viewer alike-to interact with the piece, to test and push pre-imposed limits and to dare.”

Franco Arman was born in Byblos, one of the most ancient cities in the Middle East. His new jewelry collection is reflection, based on Roman architecture, hollows from Italian Renaissance parks to Modern Parisian gardens. Only patient observation, the central requirement confronting the spectator of these works, reveals that this architecture borders on fantasy – The geometric tension between circle and square, internalized as hidden construction, is evident and is well balanced by the diamonds color and sparks.

Reasearching into the human relations to lines, colors and dreams is the passion as well as the primary source of inspiration to Franco Arman. His heritage renowned him with a rich and complex background yet resulting in sophisticated, clean and modern designs, which he utilizes so well to modify his inspirational sources into unique design pieces.